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The period just after summer can often seem like an uphill struggle1. The same can be said of language learning. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back so that we can reset and see things through a new pair of eyes. October brings us cooler temperatures and shorter days but that is no reason to stop making travel plans. This month Travel is all about taking curative waters in the elegant spa towns of Bohemia. Cities are also the main subject of At Large and on the cover this month as we visit some of the world’s most bizarre cities. Keep your passport to hand2! In an increasingly3 frenetic world, it is sometimes hard to find the right way to keep calm. Meditation, not medication could be the key4. In Psychology we look at the many reasons why spending a few minutes each day practising mindfulness can make a dramatic difference to our stress levels. The last few months have seen a dramatic turn of events5 in Hollywood and beyond as stories of inappropriate behaviour have come to light6, inspiring the hashtag #metoo. Finally people feel they have the freedom to speak out. In TV we look at the impact that this is having on TV production. In Music & Lyrics, we review the long and successful career of one of rock’s coolest characters. Lenny Kravitz shows that age is no barrier and that he can still rock with the best of them. With Food & Drink focusing on how to make veggies fun, and all your favourite language sections, English Today is the perfect antidote to those post-summer blues. Join us at www.facebook.com/EnglishToday where we will be posting extracts from future articles to keep you amused7! See you soon!. Seguir leyendo

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